Crestbridge Fiduciary supports IFG Miami Conference

November 29, 2023

The conference entitled ‘Empowering Beneficiaries Through Inter-Generational Planning’, will take place at Bilzin Sumberg's offices and feature a range of expert speakers discussing topics from trends in family office governance and structuring, to effective legacy planning, dispute resolution, and the needs of the next generation.

Betty Andrikopoulos, Heather Tibbo, and Dominic Lawton-Smith will be attending the conference from the Crestbridge Fiduciary team. Through its series of global conferences, workshops and other events, the IFG seeks to promote enduring, strong governance amongst families by empowering beneficiaries through inter-generational planning.

“Effective, robust and resilient governance is absolutely critical as families look to emerge stronger from the sort of major disruption we have seen over the past two years and put in place strong long-term legacy plans. To that end, we’re really pleased to be supporting this year’s IFG Miami conference, which will address some key topical issues in this space. The team is looking forward to meeting with new and existing contacts there.”

Please reach out to Betty, Heather, or Dominic to arrange a meeting at the conference.

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